Country Pvt Ltd has been registered in government of Nepal. It is the FMCG company which was established since 7 years ago. It has two units under it which manufactures Dairy and confectionery.

It’s factory is located in Suryabinayak-12, Bhatedhikur, Chitapol and head office in Anamnagar, Kathmandu.

Country Foods Pvt Ltd (Kathmandu)

Country foods pvt ltd is the dairy division which has been involving in this dairy business since 7 years.  It was established to cater to the central and eastern part of Nepal.  It has been located strategically which add significant value to the dairy industry as well as helping farmers who were suffering before due to milk holiday. It has been developing Pasteurized liquid milk, Paneer, Yogurt, Butter, Dairy fat , Ice-cream, and various other milk products. Our dairy division has further plans to convert pan distribution system by developing our center in various parts of far eastern and far western part of the country. Recently it has been serving dairy products in the brand name of Nova.

Country Confectionery Pvt Ltd

Country confectionery is the youngest and stable since its established date. It was established in 2010 which basically manufactures chocolate items. It is situated in the heart of the country Kathmandu. It basically manufactures chocolate enrobed wafers and hard boiled candies. It manufactures chocolates, wafers and candies.

Its brands are Packer, champ, choco delight, Lacto toss, Coffee Toss, Lychee, strawberry, milco, and orange.

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